China Relief 2020

China Relief 2020

China Relief 2020China Relief 2020China Relief 2020

TOGETHER we can make a difference, in Xining and beyond


China is undergoing a difficult start to the new year. 

Much is already highlighted in the media, both in China and abroad; we can only imagine all the personal stories behind the scenes. 

However there is hope, too, as health service providers and ordinary citizens are showing concern for their neighbours.

please partner with us

Who we are

Plateau Perspectives is an international non-profit organisation that has supported local initiatives in environmental conservation and community development on the Tibetan Plateau since 1998.

The majority of our efforts and resources are centred on sustainable development and community-based conservation. However when needs arise, as partners we seek to be available.

When Yushu was devastated by a major earthquake in April 2010, we were there. Once again, in the present health emergency, we again are available - supporting and working through field staff who are on-site and directly following the developing situation.

Responsive to emerging needs

Our greatest strength is that we can be responsive to local needs as expressed or observed on the ground. Whatever amount you donate, we can ensure that it will be put to good purpose.

What can be done

Different ways of assisting are emerging, but these are early days. Many requests are being made. We are in the preparatory phase in order to be ready when a preferred course of action is clear. However, although no single priority area of intervention has yet been decided, we are now currently assessing the logistics of preventative measures. Read the Updates below or the Field Reports to learn more about emerging plans and actions... 

In the meantime our field staff continue to monitor the situation closely and already are preparing and providing initial forms of short-term assistance, as opportunities arise on the ground.

Collectively we are carefully considering the options available to us, as diligence is important even within emergency relief work.


Although the situation remains fluid and rapidly changing, with staff on the ground and your financial support, we are able to encourage and assist  people in Xining and the surrounding regions. Please donate - as every little bit counts!

And a final note...

FYI - At this point in time, all emergency relief donations received through this website aim to support the growing needs in China, with particular attention to Xining. However, if any funds remain after completion of this relief intervention, they may be used for other emergency or disaster relief work undertaken by the organisation, in China or elsewhere.