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Plateau Perspectives

Plateau Perspectives is an international non-profit, non-government organisation registered in Canada (reg. no. 88353 511 RR0001) that supports local communities and other partners in mountain regions to find and develop long-term solutions that improve people’s resilience and quality of life while protecting their environment, particularly under climate change and globalisation.

In situations where relief interventions are deemed helpful and we feel that we can contribute in meaningful ways, 

we set up appropriate response measures including targeted fund-raising - such as that outlined on this website. 

Thank you for contributing to this effort!

Areas of Impact

Plateau Perspectives has five main areas of work

  • Environmental Conservation 
  • Basic Education and Training
  • Ecotourism Development 
  • Community Health
  • Emergency Relief

How We Work

Plateau Perspectives has five distinctive characteristics

  • We integrate conservation and development
  • We develop partnerships with communities
  • We consider cultures and knowledge systems
  • We aim to develop successful, replicable models
  • We aim to achieve sustainability in all fields of work