EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW: A "visual explainer" from South China Morning Post (updated 11 Feb 2020) about the coronavirus, which was first reported in Wuhan late last year, and  quickly spread around the world. For figures, maps, numbers... - see the link



Support/relief/encouragement provided in 8 towns around the country...

Over the past several weeks, relief and support have been brought to people who largely have been overlooked by other systems... (i) front-line community workers including security guards and cleaners), (ii) elderly (nursing homes), and (iii) children in primary schools.

Furthermore, with field staff in several locations, support has been brought to people not only in Xining, but also in Hainan and Yushu in Qinghai province; in Ganzi region and Chengdu in Sichuan province; in Lhasa and Linzhi in Tibet Autonomous Region; and in Wuhan, Hubei province -- altogether, in eight cities.


Support has included helping people with the provision of supplies (i.e., purchase and delivery) for those needing food and care but who are unable to leave their houses... For this, a couple of scooters were used, with costs covered in part by donation of the funds raised by one Tibetan partner who sold 4 sheep for this purpose. 


Assistance recently delivered to Yushu...

22 February 2020

Basic supplies and informational materials were recently sent to Yushu and distributed to vulnerable groups, including elderly people in care homes and frontline street workers... Beyond the preventive support this brings (albeit in small numbers), it also has helped develop a sense of camaraderie and hope in otherwise challenging circumstances...


Assisting around town, and further afield...

11 February 2020

It has been a challenging week. With travel restrictions and limited movement of goods around the country - which of course have their valid rationales - bringing support to people in need is not straightforward... The quarantine system at community level requires that people register at every entry/exit for each district. Further, masks and cleaning supplies remain in very short supply, largely because the postal systems are not working as under normal circumstances... and there are some hindrances to receiving certain items by personal recipients (even if for public purposes or interests)...

    That said, good news is that 700 masks have now finally arrived, along with alcohol cleaning wipes; and 100 protective glasses should soon arrive as well. C.Y. and a local pastor are now distributing supplies in the neighbourhood (e.g., to frontline workers manning stations), and they have also shared part of the first delivery with colleagues from the Y area who are now engaged in quarantine work and community stations in that part of the province. Step by step...


Checkpoints are being established in the countryside, epidemic prevention supplies limited

31 January 2020

A couple checkpoints have been set up in a township near Qinghai Lake, where HPS has its base of operations. The stations' main purpose is to check vehicles and passengers, and to teach nomads about epidemic prevention. The region has shortage of masks and other basic prevention supplies, reports ecotourism partner Sonam. Elsewhere in the region, Galong is working directly on the frontlines, serving every day in a county hospital. 


6,500 masks and 100 bottles of cleansing alcohol purchased, to be distributed to Red Cross Hospital

28 January 2020

Our field staff in Xining have sourced 6,500 face masks and 100 bottles of cleansing alcohol to distribute to Red Cross Hospital authorities for their doctors and nurses. Hospital staff are extremely busy, as the number of concerned residents coming to the hospital continues to grow. Earlier today, a delegation from the Red Cross Hospital departed for Wuhan, to assist with the coronavirus emergency response measures undertaken there.

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